About us

We are Moroccan producers of argan oil. Authentic, clean and organic. Our pure oil comes directly from Argan seeds of Argan's trees located in the region of especially Tiznit and Souss Region and generally in Morocco. We collaborate with qualified local corporations and associations of Moroccan farmers who follow the tradition of extracting Moroccan Oil from Argan seeds for centuries.

Our relationship with these associations and corporations is based on quality of work, modern and healthy procedures respecting a high level of professionalism. Our network of partners include certified laboratories and local corporations and associations of farmers and aims at delivering an oil that is trusted for cosmetics, 100% pure and geniune. Our slogan is "If you cannot eat it, don't put it on your skin!". It means that we comply of international standards in food and drugs quality.

Our Moroccan Tiznit Argal Oil is certified as Organic and we are working on a framework of fair trade business. The business is driven by intellectual managers formed in USA and Canada believing deeply in the right of local farmers to benefit from their wealthy heritage.