There are a lot of benefit of this golden oil called the oil of miracle for its valuable benefits. To be effective, it should be pure 100% and geniune. Fake argan oil would produce the opposit effect of what we are citing here. There are some of these benefits:

Benefits of Cosmetic  Argan Oil:

  • - Moisturizes the skin
  • - Slows the appearance of wrinkles
  • - Improves skin elasticity
  • - Regenerates and rejuvenates aging skin
  • - Restores the life and shine to hair
  • - Promotes scalp health to restore hair growth and vitality
  • - Prevents split ends
  • - Relieves skin damaged by sun and smoking
  • - Prevents stretch marks
  • - Moistens dry itchy scalp
  • - Aids dry brittle nails

Benefits of Edible Argan Oil:

  • - Reduce high cholesterol with its sterols
  • - Increase circulation and blood flow
  • - Reduce high blood pressure
  • - Boost immunity and digestive functions
  • - Prevent terminal diseases
  • - Relieve pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis
  • - Promote beauty with healthy hair and skin
  • - Contain high amounts of Omega 3 & 6
  • - Provides essential fatty acids
  • - Provides Vitamin E
  • - Enhances food taste and flavor
  • - Promotes blood sugar balance
  • - Promotes healthy cholesterol
  • - Enhances skin beauty and youthfulness
  • -Soothes joints


Argan Oil and Cardiovascular Disease:
It has become generally accepted in the literature that Argan oil reduces cardiovascular disease risk, and that it can be used to prevent risk factors for atherosclerosis. Studies examining the effects of supplementation found that people taking Argan oil had higher vitamin E levels, approximately 10% lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol, and nearly 12% lowered triglycerides. In Type II diabetics with dyslipidemia, it was also found to have a lasting antioxidant effects that protected against further oxidation of fats in the body even after supplementation had been ceased. The alteration of blood lipid profiles and the increase in antioxidant status both work together to help prevent atherosclerosis and resulting cardiovascular disease.