Tiznit or Tiznet (Arabic: تزنيت‎) is a town in the southern Moroccan economic region of Souss-Massa-Drâa, founded in 1881. It has a population of approximately 50,000. Tiznit is well known for its silver jewelry, daggers and sabres.


 Located near the coast, Sultan Hassan I settled in the area in 1881 to exert his control over Berber tribes of the Souss. In 1912, Ahmed al-Hiba (El Hib), a local sufi leader start a resistant movement against the French occupation from the town's mosque.He conquered the Sous by uniting the tribes of the Anti Atlas Mountains and the Tuareg. He went on to attack Marrakech but was suppressed by the French occupation forces.

Tiznit is located in the heart of the argan region. The argan is one of the symbols of the region of Tiznit and of all the southern Moroccan cities, it is one of the basic rural economies which exists hundreds of years ago.  Its foliage and the pulp of the fruit provide food forcaprins and the camels, peopleuse wood for fire and to manufacture articles of household while the fruit is for the manufacturing of the argan oil.