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Moroccan Beldi Soap

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Moroccan Beldi Soap in 300 grams packs. MOQ: 100 units

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Volume 100 units of 300 gr packs, 25kg, 20 feet container
Minimum Order Quantity 100 units of 300 grams packs or 25 kg

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This is a Moroccan Beldi Soap  in 300 grams packs. MOQ: 100 units. Moroccan Black Beldi Soap is based on natural bio ingredient making it the best soap to touch your skin and to take care of your body.

About the Moroccan black beldi soap:

The black beldi soap is also known as soap or soft soap beldi. The word "beldi" means traditional.

At the base of the beldi soap there is a paste made from vegetable meat olive or black olive oil pressed and water.

It is in the form of a thick paste that becomes creamy in contact with water. The soap comes from Morocco that is why we say Moroccan black soap. It is a natural beauty product; sometimes it is mixed with eucalyptus essential oil for fragrance more pleasant and benefits of eucalyptus. (Eucalyptus globulus)

Benefits of Beldi Soap:

The soap is a mild natural exfoliate that removes impurities from the skin, it removes toxins and purifies the skin surface. The soap has a calming and soothing effect. Once the scrub soap made you get rid of dead skin cells and you will feel that your skin is soft and silky.

Using the black beldi soap:

The scrub soap can be used in several ways. Here we distinguish the three main ones.

1) In the shower

Before applying the soap, your skin should always be hot, so flush the stream of hot water a few minutes before applying the soap. Take a ball about 3cm in the palm of your hand and massage for five minutes. Normally it takes about 30 grams per application. You can apply the soap on the body and face, avoiding eye area. Rinse all the soap before moving to the next step. Then take the glove Kessa is a rough glove, wet it and go on throughout the body, it will remove dead skin and deep clean. We suggest you then move as a body oil argan oil to feed your skin if you want a scent East, then use our oriental balm.

2) In the hammam or sauna

The principle remains the same, it is simply more efficient because the heat of the hammam is stronger and the meeting generally longer. You will be helped by professionals to tire you. The action is repeated several times and then you rinse scrub.

3) Using the scrub soap for Beauty purpose

Moisten the whole body of your client while it is warm or ask him to take a hot shower. Pass the Black soap gentle massage for five minutes. Put him the blanket for twenty minutes. After removing the cover massage well with emphasis on areas of rough skin. Rinse in the shower to remove the soap, make a scrub using the glove kessal. It is then recommended to massage with argan oil or other Cosmetic products.

In the case of bulk packaging of pure black beldi soap, the MOQ is: 25 KG.


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Moroccan Beldi Soap

Moroccan Beldi Soap

Moroccan Beldi Soap in 300 grams packs. MOQ: 100 units